About Takooka

TAKOOKA.COM is an online business listing and promotion platform that connects businesses and customers. It is a place where businesses in Nigeria are listed. It helps business owners showcase their products, services and contact details to millions of people online (on the internet) so that anyone who needs their products or services can get in touch with them at a click of a button.
Takooka makes it possible for anyone with a mobile phone or a computer to discover, connect and get in touch with businesses within and outside their locality. With Takooka, every business is just a click away. .

Our Mission:

Our mission is to make it possible for anyone anywhere to find any business or service they want in Nigeria by just clicking a few buttons on their mobile device.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to bring business owners closer to the people who need the products they sell or the services they provide (that is, their customers).

Our Vision:

Our vision is to have every business in Nigeria on our platform by the year 2020. Realizing this vision will enable business owners in Nigeria sell their products and services easily and profitably since their customers will just be a click of a button away.

Why We Exist:

As a business owner, your goal is to sell your products and services profitably; and your desire is for more people to patronize you. Without enough customers, your business will struggle financially.
To increase your patronage and have more people visit your business, you need to been seen. People need to know that you exist and they also need to have a way of contacting you. They need to know where you are (your location), and how they can reach you. We are here to help you reach more customers than you can ever reach on your own. There are lots of people who need the products you sell and the services you provide but the problem is that they don’t know how to reach you.


With over 94% of people using the Internet to search for the product or service they want and making decisions based on what they find online and proceeding to patronize the business or service provider afterwards, the importance of your business having an online presence cannot be overemphasized. The path to your door is now digital. We help you drive qualified customers through your physical door...
The way people search for what they want has changed in recent years. These days, anyone looking for anything will search online (internet) with their mobile phones or computers. This means that if you are not visible online, you are going to miss out on the most motivated people (customers) who are in need of your products or services.


At Takooka, we make it very easy for people to find you by listing your business in regions and categories that depend on your type of business and where you are located.
In addition to listing and promoting your business on our platform, we also feature and promote your business on our various social media platforms such Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
(Note: The level of exposure your business gets with us depends on your budget). We make your business very visible online.

Why Choose Us

  • To stay in touch with your customers: Takooka makes it possible for you to list your contact details such as your contact address, phone numbers, etc for everyone to see.

  • You can easily make changes to your business and contact details: If there is a change in your contact address/location, or you have changed your phone number, or you have a new product or service, you can make these changes on Takooka within minutes.

    Digital marketing is extremely expensive that small and medium sized businesses are left out. Only big businesses such as MTN, GLO, COCA-COLA, etc can afford it. With Takooka, all these have changed. With as low as N4,999 you can begin your own journey towards online advertising and reach millions of potential customers. We have various packages that will suit your budget and help you become seen online.

  • It serves as a website for your business: With Takooka, your business no longer needs a website. We provide you with a functional website that is easy to find online.

  • We empower you to outsmart your competition: Here at Takooka, we arm you with instant branding, great digital content, and unmatched technical support you need to effectively target and attract new customers online.
  • We are active on social media: About 82% of business decisions are influenced by social media, and businesses increasingly get customers from social media platforms. People are more likely to patronize businesses they see on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.